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Bac Trac Plumbing, LP was founded in 1976 by Floyd Taylor and Cliff Mountain shortly after Floyd had returned from Montana, where he had purchased Polson Plumbing & Heating.  One year prior, Floyd had sold his successful Houston plumbing business with the hopes of a permanent relocation to Montana, only to find the solitude too much for his family.  Thus, in returning to Houston, created the name “Bac Trac” for his return to the Houston plumbing industry.  He then approached Cliff (whom worked with and purchased a repair company from him the prior year) with his vision of starting over.  Together, they moved forward with the concept of providing a quality product at the best possible price.  They knew that they had to be large enough to buy in volume but small enough to maintain a high level of quality and service.  Today, that vision is still evident in the mission of Bac Trac Plumbing.  We are consistently changing for the future.


Floyd retired in 1984 and sold his stake to Cliff.  He remained on staff as a trusted advisor until his passing in 2008.


Today, Bac Trac Plumbing, LP is still moving forward having provided the plumbing for over 45,000 new residences in the greater Houston area. 



Bac Trac Plumbing is a residential and commercial new construction plumbing company.  Our customers range from production builders to very high-end custom builders, lease spaces to large manufacturers and complexes.  We offer a wide range of services as well as an in-house fixture consulting and sales. “Outhouse to the Penthouse” is an often used plumbing phrase here.

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